Positive State and Local Impact

While the primary mission of the Ports of Indiana is to develop a world-class port system that grows Indiana’s economy, it also serves as a public steward of state land, working hard to make sustainable contributions to port communities, the surrounding environment and the general welfare of our state.

Ports of Indiana Local Impact

Economic Growth

Ports of Indiana is a self-funded, substantial economic engine focused on conducting business that facilitates growth within state and local governments.


Ports of Indiana Annual Contributions


Contributed to Indiana’s Economy


State + Local Tax Revenue


Local Jobs


Direct County-Level Contribution

Community Neighbor

Along with bringing countless job opportunities to the surrounding communities, Ports of Indiana partners with local schools to help educate on industry importance and participates in various events to promote statewide knowledge.


Indiana’s waterways provide the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly options for moving freight. At the Ports of Indiana, our team takes great pride in being able to provide Indiana companies with sustainable transportation solutions and environmentally sound developments. We are proud to be Green Marine Certified.

Green Marine Certified


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