Burns Harbor

A major hub of international trade located in the Steel Capital of North America


Strategically located in a top logistics market, cargo-handling capacity was recently doubled

Mount Vernon

One of the largest inland ports in the U.S., features a 544-acre megasite available for development

Multimodal Connection Ocean


Atlantic access through the Great Lakes for international ships

Multimodal Connection River


Year-round barge connections to the Gulf of Mexico

Multimodal Connection Road


Access to 2/3 of the U.S. within a day’s drive

Multimodal Connection Rail


Switching active 7-days a week in the Crossroads of America

Grow Your Business

Find your perfect location with shovel-ready land leases in each port. Featuring strategic locations, multimodal connections and modern infrastructure, our tenants experience growth with like-minded partners.

We Know Infrastructure

We build and maintain efficient infrastructure systems so you can focus on taking care of your business. Continuously updated and maintained, our long-term infrastructure investments are an ongoing quest to facilitate strong growth for our partners and the state of Indiana.

Unmatched Multimodal Connections

We are the Crossroads of America and your best connection to the industries that fuel our country. Ports of Indiana has the ideal geographical locations to efficiently move your cargo.

We Make Indiana Better

As a self-funded statewide port authority, we reinvest 100% of revenue back into our port system, resulting in jobs and tax benefits to local economies.



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