Benefits to Being Our Neighbor

We provide Hoosiers with jobs. We take pride in our local communities. We are committed to further improving our environmental impacts of our facilities and services.

Community Neighbor Benefits

Positive Environmental Impact

Going green is much more than a slogan for us. Ports of Indiana is dedicated to improving the environmental impacts of its facilities and services to make sure the greenest form of transportation becomes even greener in the future.

Green Marine Certified

Green Marine Certified

Ports of Indiana is the first state-wide port authority to achieve Green Marine certification to advance environmental sustainability initiatives.


We adopt practices and technologies that will have a positive, direct impact on operations and the environment. Being Green Marine certified means our ports have gone above and beyond regulatory compliance.


2022 Burns Harbor results

2022 Jeffersonville results

2022 Mount Vernon results

Our Ports Are Good Neighbors

Being a good neighbor is a large part of our story. We care about our community because we wouldn’t be who we are without you.

  • Local school partnerships to educate industry importance
  • Community events to promote statewide knowledge
  • Public fishing pier located at Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor



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