Ports of Indiana issues RFQ for new rail switching operator at Mount Vernon

MOUNT VERNON, Ind. (July 25, 2023) – Ports of Indiana has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to identify railroads interested in providing intra-port switching and track maintenance services at Ports of Indiana-Mount Vernon. The 1,200-acre port is seeking companies that can demonstrate a strong capacity for business expansions, best-in-class operations, and exceptional customer service, which are integral to the future growth of the busiest inland port district in the country. The rail operator will be responsible for providing switching services for approximately 10,000 carloads per year as well as overall rail operations and maintenance within the port’s eight miles of track.

Ports of Indiana-Mount Vernon receives as many as 50,000 railcars annually, including direct unit-train service for multiple tenants, and has 200 cars of rail storage. The port has 24-hour service by the Evansville Western Railway, which can provide direct access to the five largest Class I railroads in the United States. This facility is the closest major port to the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, and the closest to the median center of the U.S. population.

“The success of the Mount Vernon port is due to our multimodal connections, infrastructure, and location, but also to strong partnerships with the businesses here,” said Jason May, port director at Ports of Indiana-Mount Vernon. “Our port’s rail network is vital to the success of our customers and the future growth of this region, and we are looking for a rail partner that will help grow business for our existing customers and attract new companies to the port.”

The Ports of Indiana-Mount Vernon has multiple general cargo and bulk docks, as well as a 60-ton dual lift crane capable of transloading cargoes between rail, barge, truck, and warehouse. Mount Vernon is also just 20 miles from Interstate 69, the country’s newest interstate and the soon-to-be-completed Canada-to-Mexico trade corridor.

“Mount Vernon is poised for incredible industrial development,” said May. “We have world-class customers here that are planning to expand their businesses and we have 600 acres of shovel-ready land that is ready for new development. We expect our rail operator to take an active role in helping to grow the port and the area economy.”

The RFQ seeks qualifications from companies interested in providing switching services starting in 2023 and responses are due by Aug. 31, 2023. Ports of Indiana will issue a formal Request for Proposals to qualified companies.


View the Request for Qualifications here.

About Ports of Indiana: Ports of Indiana is a statewide port authority managing three ports on the Ohio River and Lake Michigan. Established in 1961, Ports of Indiana is a self-funded enterprise dedicated to growing Indiana’s economy by developing and maintaining a world-class port system.

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