RFQ: General Cargo Terminal Operator in Mount Vernon



Ports of Indiana-Mount Vernon

RFQ Response Deadline: July 7, 2023

The Ports of Indiana is seeking qualifications from firms that are interested in serving as the General Cargo Terminal Operator for the Ports of Indiana-Mount Vernon. We are seeking companies that can demonstrate a strong capacity for future business growth, quality operations and exceptional customer service, which we consider to be integral to the port’s operations.  

Ports of Indiana is looking for a business partner to operate a 53,000 square-foot crane terminal warehouse on the Ohio River. The facility is capable of transloading cargoes for multimodal operations involving river barges, rail and truck transport.

Key attributes of the terminal include:

  • $2 million electric-powered crane spanning 75 feet and has a 60-ton lifting capacity with twin, 30-ton hoists
  • Warehouse concrete floor replaced in 2019
  • Barge dock winch system replaced in 2023
  • Updated fire suppression system
  • Rail spur at the warehouse for direct loading and unloading from all modes
  • Barge fleeting company on site

The breakbulk stevedoring and distribution operator would be expected to provide services to grow business, diversify cargoes and partner with the Port to make investments into facility expansions and drive projects that create significant economic benefits for the regional economy.  

Additional terminal opportunities to consider:

  • 3-acre laydown yard/outdoor storage adjacent to the terminal
  • Two additional warehouses adjacent to terminal totaling 75,000 square-feet
  • Future growth opportunity of 8 greenfield acres

RFQ responses should include the following: 

  1. Letter of Interest: A statement of the company’s specific interests in this facility.
  2. Background Information: Description of the company and key personnel.
  3. Financial Resources: Explanation of company’s financial standing and ability to support future investments and long-term terminal operations.
  4. Marketing Materials: Relevant materials such as brochures, websites, photos and maps of existing facilities, etc. 
  5. Strategies/Track Records: Descriptions of the company’s strategic approach and track records for key business areas, including:
    • Business Development
    • Safety
    • Environmental programs 

RFQ Response Deadline: July 7, 2023.  Letters of Interest and related materials should be emailed to



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