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Working for Indiana

The mission of the Ports of Indiana is to develop and maintain a world-class port system that operates as an agile, strategically-driven, self-funded enterprise dedicated to growing Indiana’s economy.

Indiana’s port authority is unique in that it was created as ‘a body both corporate and politic’ – designed to be a self-funded enterprise that conducts business to generate economic growth and tax dollars for state and local governments.

The Ports of Indiana truly operates like a business with no financial reliance on local communities or state tax dollars, and 100 percent of port revenue is reinvested into infrastructure to make sure Indiana’s port customers have the multimodal connections they need to grow business.

More than half of Indiana’s border is water, which includes 400 miles of direct access to two major international freight arteries, the Great Lakes and the Ohio-Mississippi River System. Located over 600 miles from an ocean, Indiana’s ports are uniquely positioned to handle international shipments at the median center of the U.S. population with the nation’s most robust transportation networks.

Moving Business

  • Operating three ports ideally situated to access domestic and international markets: Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor on Lake Michigan, Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville on the Ohio River, and Port of Indiana-Mount Vernon on the Ohio River.
  • Moving cargo to and from the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and ports all over the world.
  • Handling 25 million tons of cargo per year by all modes, including grain, coal, steel, fertilizer, limestone, ethanol, salt, heavy-lift cargo and more.
  • Serving the world’s most productive industrial and agricultural region through a combination of strategic locations, multimodal connections and specialized facilities.
  • Providing a statewide Foreign-Trade Zone program offering cost savings for Indiana companies looking to better compete in global markets.
  • Managing industrial sites with multimodal connections and special services, including tugboat service, barge fleeting, rail switching, utility connections and a complete range of material handling options.

To find out more about business at the Ports of Indiana, go to Business Services.

Growing the Economy

Indiana’s three ports contribute over $7.8 billion per year to the state economy and support nearly 60,000 jobs. Port activities annually contribute $3.4 billion in wages and salaries to Indiana workers and $328 million in state and local taxes. Find out more.