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Ports of Indiana

Ports offer multimodal transportation connections that create sustainable competitive advantages for business. Locating a company at one of Indiana’s three ports can offer significant logistical savings as well as flexible transportation options that will allow companies to adapt and grow with changing market conditions. With ports located in major agricultural and industrial corridors along the Ohio River as well as in the ‘Steel Capital of North America’ on Lake Michigan, the Ports of Indiana has more than 1,000 acres of industrial sites available for multimodal business developments.

Port of Indiana

Available Land

The state’s three-port system serves some of the world’s most productive industrial and agricultural regions through a combination of strategic location, multimodal connections and specialized facilities that create opportunities for companies to develop onsite processing, storage, distribution and manufacturing facilities adjacent to major dock and rail facilities. Read more

Port of Indiana

Economic Development Partners

Indiana is garnering national attention for attracting new business investment with a strong reputation for innovation, a dedicated workforce, low business costs and a state government known for fiscal strength and predictability. A key to this success is the strong commitment by state and local organizations partnering to help companies establish solid foundations for long-term growth in Indiana. Read more

Port of Indiana

Port Utility Providers

Companies at Indiana’s ports benefit from the amenities of a world-class maritime industrial park, including ‘plug-and-play’ utility access, onsite service providers and operating synergies from neighboring port companies. All three ports provide easy access for new businesses to connect with regional utilities that are already focused on meeting the needs of industrial companies in and around the port. Read more

Port of Indiana

Development Requirements

There are a standard set of development requirements for new projects at Indiana’s three ports. The first step for companies looking to begin formal discussions about a potential project will be to provide the background information outlined in this section. Read more

Reference Resources

Access tools and information including Port Maps, Development Guides and Declaration of Restrictions for each port. Read more