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The Ports of Indiana relies on a wide range of qualified contractors and vendors to perform construction and maintenance activities at the state’s three ports. Most large-scale projects are awarded through public bidding procedures, which are open to all companies that successfully complete the pre-qualification process outlined in this section.

Bid Notices

Instructions for obtaining project specifications and drawings are outlined in each bid notice.

A full list of recent bid notices is available here.

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Instructions to Bidders

A detailed set of instructions are provided for companies considering making a bid proposal to the Ports of Indiana. All contractors and subcontractors who are interested in performing work for the Ports of Indiana will need to review these instructions to determine their qualifications for performing work at Indiana’s ports. View Instructions to Bidders

Pre-Qualification Form

Contractors interested in offering bids on construction or maintenance projects must first complete a pre-qualification form and file a statement of financial condition for review by the Ports of Indiana. Access Pre-Qualification Form.

Pre-Qualified Companies

Any additions or changes to the list of pre-qualified companies will be maintained by the Ports of Indiana Engineering Department. To check the status or expiration of your prequalification, email the Ports of Indiana Engineering Department.